Hello and welcome.

My work history can best be summed up by the phrase “From Main Street to Wall Street”. Over my 40 year working history starting at 16 years old I’ve held many job titles including, Gas Station Attendant, Deli Clerk, Lumber Yard Floor Staff, Territorial Salesman, Automobile Damage Appraiser, Back Office Clerk, Trading Desk Assistant, and Senior Vice President in Fixed Income Bond Trading. After all of those positions I can look back and say that I did one thing the same in all of them, I kept my mouth shut and my ears open.

That is the way I will deal with our current clients, of course I will point them in a certain direction, but I will be sensitive to your requests and discuss our potential business relationship honestly after accessing your needs. If I can help you I’d be honored to, if I can’t I’ll tell you.  See our “Services” page for a full description.